So.....You Want to Learn How to Surf?

Well the first thing I will tell you is this, your are going to hate it before you love it! (Remember these words)

Consider this a public service announcement that will not only help you in your future surfing adventure but will also benefit others enjoying the sport around you.

These are things to know that will help you on your way to a successful start to your new life of surfing. Here are the five things you need to do.

1. Hire a surf instructor! So many people feel that they can learn on their own,
Which only leads to learning bad habits and it’ll take you twice as long to get to the point of loving the sport.

2. Start yourself on a soft top surfboard no shorter than 7 foot or 2 m. A lot of people try to start off on a short board because that’s what they want to end up riding, it will take you twice as long to get to the point where you can enjoy the sport if you do this.

3. Along with your instructor, do as much "ground training", in other words, on the beach training, with your board. Learn how to pop up, stand up, and most importantly, listen to your surf instructor’s advice. A lot of people stop listening after a while and think that they can figure this out on their own. This will lengthen your time to enjoy your new sport.

4. Before entering the water, if your instructor has not already taught you, please learn surf etiquette extensively! There are rules to the road out there in the water people, once you learn them you’ll avoid a lot of drama and possible injury to yourself and others.

5. Have patience! It’s not gonna happen in one day. Let your surf instructor push you into waves. This is not humiliating ...this is how you learn. You will eventually learn how to paddle into the waves yourself and this is ultimately what you want to be doing.

Surfing is not only one of the most healthy sports, it’s low cost, it’s enjoying nature, and most importantly, getting you outside to enjoy life. Every surfer knows the feeling of their first blue water wave, in other words, not riding the white wash anymore. Every surfer can tell you what board they were riding, where they were surfing, how they got there and who was on the beach.

Your first blue water wave is probably the most important step to your newfound addiction. This is the feeling that you’ll be chasing, and cheering for, the rest of the time that you enjoy this incredible activity!

There are many YouTube channels that you can watch that can further instruct you on technique, style, and basic logic of surfing. I highly recommend watching these clips.

Once you have mastered the pop-up and stand up on your board and actually begin catching Bluewater waves, you can graduate to a harder board. I suggest a “fun Board “ .... yes that is what the board is called. This will allow you to take your surfing to the next level as staying on a soft top will only keep you from excelling. From there you can gradually work your way down sizes or upsize it depending if you would like ride a short board or a classic longboard.

Written by Randy Redmon